A struggle history for business establishment. A grand chapter depicting enterprise brave spirit. In the great era of China’s reform and opening up, Jinggong has traversed four phases of startup, accumulation, upgrading and transcendence, successfully marching on a sustainable development road of independent innovation and technological progress!


Hard working; proper orientation; Jinggong decided to establish its
business based on machinery manufacturing.

In 1968, a comprehensive processing factory was set up in Yangxunqiao People’s Community - the cradle of Jinggong Group.
In 1976, the factory was renamed Yangxunqiao Knitting Machinery Factory.
In 1978, embarked on R&D of textile machinery.
In 1979, succeeded in the trial running of a hand stocking machine and an electric pin case of stocking machine.


Seizing opportunities, vitalizing the enterprise with technologies, Jinggong
assumed Spark and Torch programs and realized primitive capital and technology accumulation.

In 1981, successfully developed model ZJ-2 jacquard wrap-knitting machine, the enterprise was renamed Yangxunqiao Wrap-knitting Machinery Factory.
In 1984, changed its name to Shaoxing County Wrap-knitting Machinery Factory; at the same year, established a factory research institute, which was the first one in its kind in Shaoxing region.
In 1986, undertook a project of national Spark Program for the first time.
In 1988, set up a factory-run occupational school, the first one in its kind in Shaoxing- today’s Zhejiang Electronic Engineering School.
In 1989, assumed a national-level project of Torch Program for the first time.


Further innovation; internal union and external cooperation; normalized
operation; enhancement of stock system reform; Jinggong’s industrial pattern took shape!

In 1992, altered its name to Shaoxing Wrap-knitting Machinery General Plant.
In 1993, carried out reform in line with cooperative shares system.
In 1994, jointly established Zhejiang Huaneng Overall Development Co. Ltd.
with China Huaneng Group.
In 1996, established Zhejiang Huaneng Jinggong Group.
In 1997, renamed as Zhejiang Jinggong Group Co., Ltd.
In 1999, the Group was restructured into a non-governmental joint-stock
enterprise; set up Sino-Germany Zhejiang Jinggong (P-D) Steel Structure
Company, which was put into production in the same year.


Relying on capital market, optimizing industrial structure, carrying out collectivization strategy and normalizing management, the Group has seen the effect of intensive operation and strengthening of its dominant industries.

In 2000, set up Zhejiang Jinggong Science & Technology Co. Ltd. through system transformation. In June 2004, Jinggong Science & Technology Co. Ltd. successfully listed in Share A of the Stock Market.
In Sept 2002, successfully restructured “Rainbow Industry”, became the first big shareholder of Light Textile City Group;
in Nov. 2008, transferred part of its shares to a state-capitalized company, and took a back seat to the second big shareholder and, at the same time became the first big shareholder of Kuaijishan Shaoxing Wine Co. Ltd.
In Jan. 2003, Jinggong headquarter moved to Jinggong Mansion, the enterprise was renamed Jinggong Group Co. Ltd.
In June 2003, Jinggong Steel Building Construction successfully reorganized Changjiang Stock.
In Jan. 2005, established board of directors; in May, Jinggong Steel Structure formally took over the project of the State Gym (Bird’s Nest) ; and in Nov, Kuaijishan Shaoxing Wine purchased Jiashan Shares.
In Dec. 2006, restructured Xihua Aviation; in April. 2007, it was renamed Jinggong (Beijing) General Aviation; and in Jan. 2013, General Aviation Headquarter returned to Zhejiang.
In June 2007, Jinggong Technology successfully produced the domestic first set of JJL240 polysilicon ingot furnace.
In Nov. 2008, Restructured Zhejiang Zuran Group.
In Jan. 2009, the industrial pattern took shape, which concentrates on three dominant industries, and concurrently cultivates other three emerging industries; in April, Kuaijishan Shaoxing Wine initiated a 200,000 kl per year rice wine project; Jinggong Holding Group restructured Zongheng Group.
In Jan. 2013, adjusted the industrial structure, the strategic development pattern of three pillar industries and five developing industries took shape.

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