Logo concentrates an enterprise's image and presents an enterprise's core spirit.

Jinggong's Logo has the same red color as that of the national flag of China. The Logo brims with
vitality and passion, symbolizing the uprising spirit of Jinggong people and exhibiting magnificent
prospects of Jinggong's undertaking.

The design of Jinggong's Logo is derived from three Arabic numerals of "1"; they rely on each other, representing the strong team work spirit and cohesiveness, and implicating "First class enterprise", "First class management " and "First class efficiency".

The three-figure 1 extends parallel toward upper right and curves slightly, forming a pattern like three parallel letters of "S", which respectively stands for "Sincerity", "Supervise", and "Success", and implies that Jinggong is an enterprise which conducts honest business, scientific management, and constantly pursues success, and depicts Jinggong's idea of keeping pace with times and blazing new trails in a pioneering spirit.

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