On the marching course in building an everlasting Jinggong, we have earned high fame and good comments. These reputations demonstrate our colorful life on the journey to seek for innovation and truth; and these reputations represent the recognition awarded by the society. We see such support and trust as the duty the society endowed to us which stimulate us to advance continually.

Group Honor
Chinese top-500 enterprise
Chinese top -1000 largest conglomerate
Chinese top-500 competitive enterprise
Chinese top-500 non-governmental enterprise
Pioneer of Chinese industrial enterprises
China top-100 integrity non-governmental enterprise
Chinese top-500 informatization enterprise
Pioneer of national workers
Award-winning enterprise in National Ankang Cup Contest
Civilization enterprise of Zhejiang Province
Famous trademark of Zhejiang Province
Advanced enterprise of Zhejiang Province in terms of  harmonious labor relationship
Credit management demo enterprise of Zhejiang Province
Best employer enterprise of Zhejiang Province
Demo enterprise of Zhejiang Province in terms of enterprise transformation and upgrading
Home of model employees of Zhejiang Province


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