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Jinggong Financial investment industry, with Zhejiang Jinggong Holding Co., Ltd. as a platform, gathers Jinggong Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.,Zhejiang Huijin Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jinju Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Shoukai Holding Company, Shenzhen Qianhai National Bank Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Jinju Investment Co., Ltd., and other number of domestic and foreign financial service companies, greatly develops financial leasing business and asset management business, and forms a talent team with a professional management of financial leasing. In aspects of financial leasing, PE investment, private equity fund and industrial fund, it provides customers with professional service. the Group has actively participated in financial investment businesses, like equity investment, in China Zheshang Bank, Shaoxing Bank and other commercial banks.

Jinggong Financial investment industry will seize the opportunity to follow the new trend of financial changes, aiming to create a comprehensiveand professional financial holding platform of service entity and incubation industry with a comprehensive financial license, to achieve an integration of industrial capital and financial capital, setting up a multiple and deliberate financial service system with high efficiency.


Applications of composite
materials--high-speed rails
Applications of composite materials--airplanes

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